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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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tea party u.s. presidential candidate jill stein arrested in texas as she tries to help eco activists opposing the expansion of an old pipeline latest on but just ahead. plus no news is bad news in greece media workers blue have sick using the government targeting journalists who are trying to bring the powerful to account. her majesty's secret service is suspected of racial profiling in taking british citizens off the radio under the banner of combating terror.
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live from moscow to levon pm this is r t very warm welcome to if you just tuned to us round the world my name is kevin owen our top story for you as a just mentioned the u.s. presidential candidate from the green party is on the saving been arrested in texas as he tried to help protesters opposing the building of a pipeline jill stein was supporting activists who can come over a month among trees in the path of planned pipeline extension let's get the latest on this too scott macleod sees the media coordinator for the green party mclarty good evening could you outline for why he would jill stein forbidden from supporting the activists what's the backstory here well dr stein. was assisting the activists in order to make a statement that he he stone line was represented an expansion of fossil fuel. consumption at a time when. we are where we as saying the effects of either the
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effects of climate change itself or we're witnessing what climate change will look like we can't say for certain that sorry i didn't say it really is the direct result of of climate change yet because although it is obvious that that weather patterns of systematic but even if that is not true we can say this is what we're going to see more and more of scott's roscoe i don't know if you can him it was just want to get to the nitty gritty of what she had legibly been arrested for what she allegedly done wrong. she was supplied she was delivering supplies to the protesters i understand if they were camping out in trade they were in the they were in the way of the construction of the pipeline. i'm still receiving details i haven't got everything yet there i have been updates posted at dr stiles webb's
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campaign website which is jill stein dot org j i l l s t dot org i know you're going to beg to differ with me but i guess some people asking is she going to priorities right and what was she trying to achieve by going to way the eco activist about how important it was in texas when at the same time both the bomber in romania focused on those huge relief efforts for superstorm sandy. well. mr obama and mr romney are doing some good work and focus on focusing on the relief efforts but let's also remember that both of the. those two candidates declined to talk at all about climate change during the three debates that took place earlier this month we find it reckless and irresponsible that both the democratic and republican candidates for president never once mentioned climate change at all during these debates but of course still stein is due to take part in
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the final third party debate on the fifth of november which was showing here and we spoke to him last week is the timing of her arrest significant i mean is she going to be absent time if she's locked up temporarily she could be added some to take part in this do you think. well we hope that dr stein is. just being detained now for a very brief amount of time we do know that the last time dr stunned was arrested about two weeks ago when she attempted to enter the obama romney debate that was taking place at hofstra university on long island she and running mate cheri hochul were detained and handcuffed to a chair for for eight hours before being released what's the general view on that action i mean sort of stymies the rest as you said couple of weeks when she tried to take part in one of those t.v. debates between obama and romney thanks the question is it fed third party candidates and being given the opportunity to campaign on equal terms with the two
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main parties and hey look what happens when they try to do so well it's absolutely unfair and anti-democratic and there's a reason for it is that the the obama romney debates are sponsored by the commission on presidential debates which is itself owned by the democratic and republican parties for the express purpose of privileging their own candidates and excluding other candidates and we we call that an outrage. ok scott thanks your thoughts the time to be with us tonight scott macleod of the media coordinator for the u.s. green party pretty shady thank you so much next monday as well as we talked about the evil that crucial vote we will bring you the live debate between the alternative third party candidate choices for the white house. governor romney you know we both agree we agree we have to bring the tax rates down i felt the same as the president did governor romney i'm glad. you agree let's get back to
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something the president i agree on and you tube you agree that the voters have a choice perhaps you wonder who to vote for when romney and obama agree on so many things remember you do have other options come november sixth tuned in to see the second round of debates between the major third party candidates right here on our team. was mentioned also to scott mccluskey there and barack mitt romney have swapped campaigning to pitch in temporarily with the relief efforts in the aftermath of the deadly superstorm sandy millions in the northeast of the u.s. in our counting the cost of the deadly storm while they remain homeless or without power a transport officially there electioneering was suspended but as you see cuffing off reports on exactly how it looks to everybody. this was the october surprise. and i think. hurricane sandy crashing on shore i've never seen anything like this i'm at a loss for words to describe what the storm could do but there is no loss for words
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on the campaign trail and on the eastern coast of our nation a lot of people are enduring some very difficult times the storm that wreaked havoc on america's east coast is wreaking confusion in the last critical days of a tight race for president so how do you run for office about seeming insensitive to a national tragedy the candidates are certainly doing all they can to look like they aren't trying to score political points but their actions tell a different story president barack obama canceled his election rallies and returned to washington to focus on the storm the election will take care of itself next week leaving vice president biden to campaign on his behalf. one of the perks of running for president while occupying the white house is being able to make high profile visits like this one america's whether we are standing behind you and we're going to do everything we can to help you get back on your feet it means coming across as a president on the job which certainly helps when it's
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a job you're reapplying for the president's been in close contact with fema. and all the agencies of course obama is the president was his advisor say means he needs to focus on the crisis at hand in terms of how it affects the election i don't think anybody really knows obviously we want unfettered access to the polls but it's a choice that doesn't sit well with some political opponents you'll notice he's canceling his trips over the hurricane he did not cancel his trips over benghazi. and then those republican presidential contender mitt romney so far he stopped sending fund raising e-mail isn't affected states he used his campaign bus for relief efforts and put up a blog with the weather related advice he's also scraps. schedule campaign events only it seems there are some fine print involved this may look like romney's campaigning in ohio a key swing state but his advisors say that's not the case the so-called victory rally was canceled out of sensitivity. instead of the campaign insists this is
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a hurricane relief a grant canned goods came hand in hand with anti obama t. shirts there was music and theme songs and those attending the supposedly nonpartisan event were treated to a video about romney getting america stronger better american presidents to do. asked by a reporter whether this blurred the line between storm relief and politics romney's top strategist replied i agree i don't know how it happened people over politics or politics or people it certainly difficult to tell now we may be impossible to completely stop campaigning in the middle of a closely contested race but then why make the pretense of doing so it seems that both candidates could use a little bit of this age old advice say what you mean mean what you say and do what you say you'll do to seek half an elf r.t. moscow. great journalists who walked out of the jobs angry at what they see as
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government censorship and changes to labor laws this follows a suspension of two t.v. presenters after they criticize the interior minister on air and denounced police for beating about the views detained during protests journalists gathered outside the parliament building in athens where they also vented their anger at government austerity measures that were joined by residents of the northern town of florina who piled ice cubes of the road in protest of price hikes for heating oil. was debated new budget cuts party conservative. explains what straining relations between thoughts what is trading rather relations right now between the government and the media. they'll use that tension between the relationship with the government and the journalists let couple days ago we saw that mr vaxevanis who is a popular journalist investigative journalist in greece was arrested because a he was a keep out list the. law guard least the way to cold with more than two thousand.
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people who have money in debt was it's a nice recent bank this least it is sad that it was event to this then not finance minister mr up on sunday no but he never gave it gave it to the government to the responsible to the responsible people to investigate what's going on so mr fox about these phone got police and decided to publish it and he was arrested for that reason so government was blamed for sense or see it because it is not possible to have any information for example and not been published many journalists even man simple people say that mr koppel studying with that then finds ministers to be are wasted and not this journalist who revealed the truth. tightening the screws in bahrain amid rising violence pro-reform protesters defy the ban on rallies in the kingdom of human rights groups closely watching of the
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authorities react to go more. investigate one of the u.k.'s islamic even the chief is the war on terror is being used as an excuse for racial profiling and harassment just too many more stories a little later. issues that seem to make the huge decision on more when. it's only has been made the slightest mention restoring order taker. on this. we both agree we agree we have to bring the tax rates down i felt the same as the president did governor romney i'm glad that you agree but let's come back to something the president i agree on and you tube you agree that the voters have a choice abscesses of you wondering who to vote for when romney and obama agree on so many things never you do have other options come november sixth going to see the
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second round of debates between the major third party candidates right here on our city. the government no longer represents the. the people are going to take such are. we. at least in the traditional. the way our economic system currently is not. playing. up.
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wealthy british. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports.
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again for years british intelligence has been working to safeguard national security against threats such as terrorism and espionage but the secretive nature of their work sometimes gives rise to suspicion of extreme tactics targeting innocent people. reports no one claimed that intelligence agents have resorted to persecute rather than protect. somali born mahdi hashi had grown up in the u.k.
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from the age of five he was a british citizen until this summer when the twenty three year old went missing and his family found out that the home office had stripped him of his passport for allegedly being involved in islamic extremism his parents are distraught they say that maddy is an innocent victim of a british intelligence plot all because he refused to work for m i five all i can see is that the he's a muslim and believes and he's a practicing muslim but being a muslim is not being an islamist. that's what that's all why he's being victimized this is the quiet north london community center where mehdi hashi worked back in two thousand and nine it was then that he and four of his muslim colleagues say that they were approached and harassed separately by security agents it's came that m i five threatened to label them islamic extremists if they refused to become
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informants for british intelligence campaigners raising awareness for maddie's plight said that the constant threats made by british intelligence made life so unbearable that he left the u.k. they were trying to offer him a job saying that you know effectively you're an extremist we know you're the only way out of this is for you to come and work for us to come and help us these will become targets that were being used because of somali origin this is a purely racist profiling policy of the british government and particularly the security agencies marty had been living in somalia for the past two years taking care of his grandmother and raising a son of his own but several months ago he disappeared leaving his family in despair my son is missing this summer this summer but i don't know if you know if you lived or died here that i don't know. we are very. family the
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only information the hashi family have now comes from a man who contacted them to say that he'd been in prison with maddie in djibouti and he told us that he had been fingerprinted d.n.a. has been taken from him and then. contacted to find out that he supports the conduct of the british consul under british consular see that we have ordered removed or this decision from him and in america talking to someone we don't know they don't know but they fear he's being held at camp in djibouti and a tourist u.s. anti terrorist base where he may be the victim of an american rendition program in which suspects are on lawfully taken to third party states to be illegally detained and tortured the hashi family want on says to simple questions like what the allegations are against maddie where he is located and whether he's even alive but
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when it comes to matters of intelligence they're faced with a wall of silence lawyers acting on behalf of the hashi family have received just this response from the government. it has been the policy of successive governments nizer to confirm nor deny speaker lieschen allegations or a solution in respect of intelligence matters these policies mean teenty into could only the secretary of state can neither confirm nor deny zero legations meet on behalf of your client and why these cases a classic case of where profiling and kind of almost ludicrous policies within this war on terror have resulted in innocent individual helpless young man effectively having their life ruined campaigners say that by stripping matty hashi of his passport the british government has effectively washed their hands of his case leaving his family to continue the search for aren't says about their now stateless son. r t london. but while british spies
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are in trouble in the real world seems they are proving popular in the movies the name long st james bond if you please find out on why why the vatican has given its blessing to the latest film featuring the famous super spy and also must to unlock the story of the american drug dogs hounded by the courts as to whether the now says qualified enough to lead least sniffing dogs. and the regime demonstrators have reportedly continued in bahrain despite apparent on mass public gatherings the authorities imposed the restrictions choose day to try and hold the ongoing protests against the ruling family there which they see as a threat to national unity let's discuss this with jello from a form about the from the opposition party so thanks for being with us with activists a parent defying this but now how do you think the thought is going to react given the strong criticism from human rights groups over there he added in so far. well
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actually this is should be embarrassing for the government because of this this is against article seventeen of the constitution and it is against the international act of political and civil rights which is part of the local law here actually over the past year and i have all the guns three shows were very peaceful very peaceful not the single window has been shattered by any the straighter and all this this peaceful was. attacked by the by the government by the government police riot police and lots of people were injured during the day is the solutions are actually at the political parties are they have the right to to organize these types of. peace for the last three issues and that's the only we can
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we can just just. say whatever we have in mind that's the theory but doesn't work so well in practice you say that the ruling family should be embarrassed but it seems they are pretty tough skinned and there's some talk of course that just last month bahrain did promise did it to improve its human rights record in line with those u.n. recommendations doesn't seem to happen what can be done then. you see the problem is that even though. what we are and what we seven countries in the human race can be solved just two months ago clean the battery should act better or it isn't right. thing and they have raised a hundred seventy six recall in the nations for the for the and that and that's the first in the history of any country and get these under seventy six the conditions for the country but not the single condition has been avoided by the by the
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government the problem is that the biggest powers in the war united states and britain are just backing up this government. they will even when we say why they say hey we we have another way to deal with this government not the will of the international entities the problem is that over the past few months or so many people who were killed by it by the government. and also lots of people are being tortured in the in the genes and there is no nothing being done against that and this is the reason and more and more the government has received five billion dollar just recently from the very beginning of countries just to support it in this. atrocity is really actually the way it is is doing just getting the money all over the world in the public relations just to clear and
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fancified its image why it is killing its people by by by foreign army actually from pakistan for all of the war. ok mr furze thank you for giving a shit thought surge of troops for bahraini m.p. on the line an hour to thank you have permission given thank you very much it would . it's just after twenty four minutes past eleven at night moscow tireless catch up on the late wednesday evening business and i'm from moscow she with the dimitri next. welcome to the script business update the long lasting or shareholder dispute in the world's largest nickel mine and all this nickel could be coming to an end now a russian of billionaires. and they own around a quarter of the company each for years they've been arguing over dividends and the management of the firm now commerce and daily reports that they could be coming up
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with a new shareholder agreement and this could result with part time in either buying additional shares in the company or did it past could be inviting a new independent head to norris nico among the likely candidates is the person you see at the bottom right corner of the screen only shows man of another metals. and investors have been pretty happy with this development with enormous nickel shares are gaining more than one percent in one day session while the market was posting some pretty moderate gains my six an r.t.s. getting within half a percent actually tomorrow we're expecting a negative opening because other markets tumbled and that's all we have time for coming up next it's the latest edition of our debate program crosstalk. looters that takes your breath away a few tourists travel to these paul it's no prepackaged comfort but the joy of the
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wild is guaranteed if guineas a zoology professor he works in the u.s. and travels to these remote areas in russia every summer as he says he confines untouched landscapes like this anywhere else in the world. we're going off the list below sea line. if i go wrong the wrong and surprising and you'll go straight to the water and so we did our plan to get closer to the sea lion and shake its flipper failed before. one animal whose par you definitely wouldn't want to shake here is the brown bear you can literally spot agrees the here by every small weaver. who are the bears are they have a very well for legal pursuit i will have to keep an aisle when directed at. them both up till death could be dangerous so we won't go yes we shall but people require. it. and quiet we
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went but the wind was not on our side and the bear got away they're usually the first to avoid contact with humans but during spawning time when both people and bears go fishing people often shoot at them to scare them away and every year here in the region you hear about someone being killed by the predators. but at the mugger down nature reserve where we are no one disturbs the bears peanuts another local resident to haiti's peace being disturbed here is the howlers sea eagle in has a wingspan of two and a half meters ignace only here in russia far east because of the bundles of salmon and sea gulls which feed the giant bird in his studies if gainey focuses on birds so he took me to one of his favorite places here mara island it has the biggest colony of seagulls in the region the climb up was tough. but the
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prize was worth it. if there was no security here it would. have tons of people coming here not just to get some for me on the beach here nothing is guaranteed you have to struggle to get your piece of bread there is nothing really how you can. predict you have to rely on yourself to back. up to be the bad. maybe for the wildlife here is the lack of things it is this close the better but when you stand on top of like this you just cantelupe wanting to share the beauty.
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and if you. still. need to. follow in welcome to cross talk i'm peter lavelle mali a country in chaos and it's only getting worse as molly's neighbors decide on some form of intervention to restore order and take on the spread of religious fundamentalism there's always the possibility of unintended consequences when african intervention into mali and everybody open the door to a western style regime change and with this just make things even worse. if you. start. to cross-talk the mali crisis i'm joined by brooke spector in johannesburg he's an associate editor of the daily maverick and retired american diplomat in london we have aja johnson he is a director at view.


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